The Department of Mathematical Sciences of  Isfahan University of  Technology (IUT), founded in 1977, originally as a part of the Basic Science Department, started its activities by offering general mathematical courses for engineering students of the university. Due to rapid growth and effective attempts of the faculty members, in 1983, by accepting the first group of bachelor students in Mathematics it turned to an independent department with specialists in Mathematics and Statistics. The Department of Mathematical Sciences started its functioning since 1986, and one year later offered its first master program in Mathematics and Statistics. The first PhD students in Mathematics and Statistics have been accepted in 1995 and 2004, respectively. Actually, this department consists of 40 faculty members (5 professors, 10 associate professors and 25 assistant professors).


Department Head: H.R. Zohouri Zanganeh.

Professors: A. Haghany (emeritus), M. Salehi, B. Taeri, M. Esmaeili, R. Nasr-Isfahani, H.R. Zohouri Zanganeh.

Associate Professors: G. Vakili (emeritus), A. Rejali, A. Naderi, S.M. Taheri, B. Omoomi, H.R. Marzban, M.R. Vedadi, GH. Omidi, M. Behboodi, R. Mokhtari, F. Bahrami.

Assistant Professors: M. Nikfar (emeritus), M. Bina-Motlagh (emeritus), H. Khabazian (emeritus), M. Aghasi, M.T. Jahandideh, S. Alimoradi, S. Pouladsaz, S.M. Manjegani, A. Ghorbani, M. Aghaei, A. Etemad,  S.Gh. Taherian, S. Mahmoudi, M.R. Koushesh, M. Gazor,  A. Hashemi, M. Tatari, R. Mazrouei, M.R. Raoufi, R. Asheghi, R. Rezaeian, M. Nemati, R. Javadi, S. Soltani, R. Rikhtegaran, Z. Saberi,  S. Goli, M. Kelkinnama.

Instructors: F. Kheradpazhouh (emeritus), M. Mashkouri (emeritus), F. Rismanchian (emeritus).


 Research Activities:


 The main research areas of the department are: Algebra, Geometry, Algebraic Geometry, Logic, Functional Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Topology, Dynamical Systems, Partial and Ordinary Differential Equations, Probability Theory, Stochastic Processes, Numerical Analysis, Coding Theory, Cryptography, Optimal Control, Statistical Inference, Experimental Design, Fuzzy Set Theory, Time Series Analysis, Linear Models, Sampling Theory. Below, we give a short description for the main research areas.