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Applied Mathematics

Numerical Analysis and Optimization

Mehdi Tatari (Numerical Analysis)

Reza Mokhtari (Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing, Numerical solution of ODEs, PDEs & IEs, Mesh-dependent & Meshfree methods)

Hamid Reza Marzban (Applied Mathematics)


Graph Theory and Combinatorics

Ramin Javadi (Graph Theory and Combinatorics, Algorithms and Computational Complexity, Algebraic Graph Theory)

Gholam Reza Omidi (Graph Theory and Combinatorics, Algebraic Graph Theory, The Probabilistic Method in Combinatorics)

Behnaz Omoomi (Combinatorics, Graph Theory)


Dynamical Systems

Rasoul Asheghi (Dynamical Systems, Bifurcation theory, Perturbation theory and limit cycles, Slow-fast systems and singular perturbation theory)

Majid Gazor (Bifurcation Control and Nonlinear Control Theory, Nonlinear Dynamics, Singularity Theory and Equivariant dynamics, Applied Lie algebra)

Reza Mazrooei Sebdani (Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Dynamical Systems, Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems, Bifurcation Theory, Chaos Theory and its Applications)



Reza Rezaeian Farashahi (Algebraic aspects in Cryptography, Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography, Arithmetic Geometry, Number Theory)

Morteza Esmaeili (Communication Theory)



Rasoul Asheghi

Applied Mathematics
Faculty, Associate Professor
  • 31-33913673(98+)
Room Number : 222 B
Morteza Esmaeili

Applied Mathematics
Faculty, Professor
  • 31-33913631(98+)
Room Number : 219 A
Majid Gazor

Applied Mathematics
Faculty, Professor
  • 31-33913634(98+)
Room Number : 203 B
Ramin Javadi

Applied Mathematics
Faculty, Associate Professor
  • 31-33913657(98+)
Room Number : 224 B
Morteza MalekNia

Applied Mathematics
Faculty, Assistant professor
  • 31-33913633(98+)
Room Number : 211A
Hamid Reza Marzban

Applied Mathematics
Faculty, Professor
  • 31-33913622(98+)
Room Number : 220 A
Reza Mazrooei Sebdani

Applied Mathematics
Head of Department, Faculty, Associate Professor
  • 31-33913608(98+)
Room Number : 205 A
Reza Mokhtari

Applied Mathematics
Faculty, Professor
  • 31-33913614(98+)
Room Number : 214 A
Gholam Reza Omidi

Applied Mathematics
Faculty, Associate Professor
  • 31-33913649(98+)
Room Number : 231 B
Behnaz Omoomi

Applied Mathematics
Faculty, Professor
  • 31-33913652(98+)
Room Number : 228 B
Reza Rezaeian Farashahi

Applied Mathematics
Faculty, Associate Professor
  • 31-33913607(98+)
Room Number : 205 B
Mehdi Tatari

Applied Mathematics
Faculty, Associate Professor
  • 31-33913658(98+)
Room Number : 226 B

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